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The Great Hall is where book reviews and ratings will be posted. The ratings will be based on a comprehensive scale (explained below), and the reviews will be an in-depth analysis of the considerations that went into scoring each book on this scale.

There will be NO SPOILERS posted directly in any review. There may be times when I feel the need to cite something particular from within a work, but it will always be labeled appropriately as spoiler content, and will be accessible only through a ‘See Spoilers’ link. These I will try to keep to a minimum, however at times it is difficult to refrain from mentioning specifics when judging quality, and I will do my best to keep excerpts and asides from becoming necessary to understanding the rating. Continue reading

Let the Siege Begin!

There are not a lot of absolutes in this life, but there is one thing I am certain of; everybody loves a great fantasy story. The sense of wonder, the depth of immersion, and the incredible characters are enough to captivate any mind that is willing to participate.

For some the appreciation of fantasy as a genre comes only through chance encounters, inadvertently finding otherworldly stories and settings before moving on to more traditional fare. Others may find themselves seeking out stories with fantastic elements from time to time, in between pursuits of other interests. Then there are those whose passion for fantasy supersedes all else, whose desire to explore new worlds and engage in the unbelievable permeates their entire lives. Wherever you put yourself on that scale, if you are someone who enjoys fantasy, this is the place for you.

Welcome, friends, to Storming The Castle.